2017/18 Schedule

Paignton Writers’ Circle Programme 2017/18

We hold our meetings at Churston Golf Club from 2-4pm on the following dates. Until March 2018 our meeting room was opposite the Golf Club’s offices, at the top of the stairs located to the left of the lobby.

However we received an email on March 12 to say that future meetings will be located in the room ‘next door’, which appears to be the one we used before, accessed from the back stairs (next to the bar lounge, at the far end of the lobby).  We are told that the stairlift will still be accessible. Our meeting of 19 March will make things clearer!

These are the suggested topics for each meeting, and you are invited to write up to 1000 words of prose or 40 lines of poetry, on either topic or a topic of your own choice.

September 11 Happiness is… Ouch!
25 Image prompt or film title Song cycle
October 9 AGM (500 words
Half time
or 20 lines)
The darkness


Weather report Holiday snaps
November 6
The booze cruise  Gas bag



The wall

December 4 Funny bone Dress sense
11  XMAS LUNCH Reading of winning entries

Topic: Restoration

 January 8 Sea change Shock/horror!
22 Jaws On the road
 February 5 On time Chance meeting
19 The 4 seasons It’s a dog’s life
March 5 The lonely hearts club Bad luck & trouble


The interview


April 9 Wet Sunday The blame game
23 That was lucky! Tribal
May 14 Travelling hopefully Eastern promise
21 Treasure hunt The U S of A
June 4 The festival Ladybird
18  CREAM TEA (800 words)
Midsummer madness